Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A. is committed to rendering its customers safe, punctual and quality service at cost-effective rates. By promoting an active safety culture among company personnel, both in-house and on-board, Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A. and its technical manager, are firmly committed in providing reliable quality services to their clients, whilst concurrently ensuring consistent protection of the environment.

In this respect Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A. has established, implemented and maintains a documented Health, Safety, Quality, Environmental and Energy management system, which complies and is certified in accordance with ISM Code, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 50001 standards. Principal objective is to ensure flawless operations with zero accidents and zero pollution. Moreover, Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A. principal objective is to continually ascertain fleet’s optimum operational efficiency, while ensuring full compliance with current and upcoming international and national rules and regulations, as well as charterers’ requirements.

On the human capital side Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A’s rigorous recruitment and hiring procedures ensure that its crew is of the highest quality and ability. Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A is dedicated to integrating training, education & development into the culture aboard our vessels to ensure that safety will ceaselessly be the top priority. Frakapor Logistics Hellas S.A presently employs more than 3500 highly qualified seafarers on its managed fleet from various countries, including Greece, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.