Mr.Panagiotis D.Eustathius
Chief Executive Officer

Mr.Athos Baltazar
Deputy of CEO

Mr.Bartholomaios Artemas
Executive Director

Mr.Loukas Spyridon
Commercial Director

Ms.Thea A.Sotiropoulos
Marketing Director

Ms.Nelly Panagopoulos
Logistic Director

Ms.Cora N.Vasilakis
Advertising Director

Mr.Proteus V.Eliades
Customer Relations Director

Mr.Giorgos M.Damon
Director of Information Technology

Mr.Adelphos B.Athamas
Technical Director

Mr.Bariesou Attis
Security Director

Ms.Katie Penna
HR Director

Ms.Penelope D.Dimitriou
Director of Public Relations

Ms.Zoie Kotas
Director of Government Relations

Mr.Vitalis C.Nicolaides
Financial Director

Ms.Kristo N.Papadopoulos
Chief Accountant

Mr.Alesandro S.Panagakos
Director of Economics

Mr.Caesar A.Artino
Director of Legal Affairs

Mr.Felipe M.Roussos
Administration Director

Ms.Melaina Tavoularis
Data Protection Officer

Ms.Arianna F.Barba
Office Manager